Are Allathe Funeral Homes The Same?

At first glance it may seem that all the funeral homes are the same, but this is not totally true.

A funeral home is a company that provides burial and cremation services for the deceased and funeral services and wake for their families.

The difference between a Funeral Home and another is how the service is provided, clarity, transparency of information and advice throughout the process. A funeral home has to provide the service without the family noticing any incidence, adding value to legal procedures and above all with the highest quality and warm service.

One of the biggest problems in this sector is the lack of transparency and that people do not know that although we are holders of funeral insurance or funeral plans the client and his family always have free choice to choose the Funeral Home. This can cause the price and service to suffer variations.

The second thing that the user should know is that he should be wary of those who intend to do the management without being directly the Funeral Company. No individual has knowledge to know what are the procedures in the funeral service process and less of the legal variants and procedures depending on the case, there are many variables in the services of transfers, cremation, or quality in coffins, and accessories. Never be influenced by anyone who is a funeral professional.

In our case at Funeraria Camero we are the fourth generation as a Funeral Home in Malaga, we have a very trained staff mastering languages such as English, French, Italian and Russian and we are dealers of the Crematorio de Benalmádena what allows us to be more agile and perform all the service in a professional manner.

  • But above all what differentiates us as a Funeral Company in Malaga:
  • Respect, Dignity, Speed and Security in the service.
  • We offer Inhumation services.
  • With own crematorium.
  • Velatorio rooms and burning chapel.
  • Ecumenical room for the realization of masses and family reunions.
  • We are Specialists in International Funeral Transfers.
  • Funeral Plans and Decease Insurance
  • And above all a great affection for families in our day to day life.

Don´t forget that at Funeraria Camero we are here to help and advise you in the whole process, if you need it you can contact us at mail or phone 952 448 171

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