We have some of the most advanced ovens of recent years. Our crematorium is located in our facilities at the Benalmádena International Cemetery.

The cremation consists in the reduction of a body to ashes, the temperature reached for this is 1000ºC. The duration of this process usually lasts around 4 hours.

To perform the cremation it is necessary to use a coffin and this must be 100% ecological. Once the cremation is done, the ashes will be delivered in a sealed box with its cover and identified with the name of the deceased and the cremation certificate. There is the option of depositing small amounts of ashes in reliquaries so that several family members can treasure a small memory of their loved one.

The cremation is an alternative to the burial in antiquity the most common was the inhumation well in niche, grave or grave. Nowadays people prefer cremation for different reasons.

In our crematorium we have an advanced oven.

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