Differences Between Wake Funeral and Funeral

If you have ever attended a funeral home, you will have noticed how many words [...]

Origin of wreaths as traditions before the death of a loved one

In every country in the world there is a way to watch our loved ones [...]

History of five cemeteries of Málaga

In this article we take a tour of the history of five important cemeteries in [...]

Insurance contract law and free choice of funeral company in Málaga

The law of the insurance contract protects the free choice of funeral home by the [...]

How to make a funeral repatriation to another country from Málaga

At Funeraria Francisco Camero we have extensive experience and agreements that ensure that funeral repatriation [...]

What are the legal issues that we must resolve when a person dies?

At Funeraria Francisco Camero, we have a team of specialized professionals who will try to [...]

What Happens if You Die And You Do Not Have Insurance

More and more people are concerned about these issues, and now what do we do? [...]

Are Allathe Funeral Homes The Same?

At first glance it may seem that all funeral homes are the same, but this [...]

What to do when a relative dies

In this first article on the Camero blog, we want to resolve the main doubts [...]

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