Differences Between Wake Funeral and Funeral

Diferencias entre velatorio tanatorio y funeral

If you have ever attended a funeral home, you will have noticed the amount of words that exist. And although they are popularly understood as synonyms, there are great differences between funeral, funeral home and wake.


A funeral is a set of ceremonies dedicated entirely to the deceased, prior to his burial. These ceremonies depend on many factors; mainly of the religion, beliefs and social position of the deceased person.

If the deceased is an anonymous person, the ceremonies are intimate, among those close to the deceased. If, on the contrary, the deceased person is a public person, there are usually mass ceremonies called state funerals. In these funerals, the ceremonies are public and have many other public personalities close to the circle of the deceased.

Funeral home

The funeral home is a funeral establishment in which the necessary services are performed for the exhibition of the deceased prior to the celebration of the funeral (action of burying or burying a body).

The main purpose of the funeral home is to accompany the family and watch over the body.

In addition to guarding the body, a funeral building has many other facilities such as preparation areas, chambers and burial mounds (refrigerated room connected to the viewing room). In general, funeral homes often offer multiple services for the comfort of relatives such as the sale of caskets, urns and / or flowers.

In Spain, these establishments did not exist until the year 1970. Until then, families watched over the deceased in their own homes, which was, in addition to being uncomfortable (due to lack of space), unhygienic, since the natural decomposition process of the deceased could cause illness among attendees.


The wake refers to one of the rooms of the funeral home where the deceased is being watched. These rooms have all the hygienic-sanitary security measures in order to protect the attendees.

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