Origin of wreaths as traditions before the death of a loved one

Origen de las coronas de flores como tradiciones ante el fallecimiento de un ser querido

In every country in the world there is a way to watch our loved ones in those hard times.

In some countries, the death of a loved one is celebrated in a totally different way, even if it is true celebration. Therefore, there are innumerable traditions before the death of a loved one. The differences between the funeral celebrations celebrated around the world are really diverse, but if there is something we do coincide in different countries. The custom of honoring our loved ones with flowers is one of the traditions before the death of an older loved one.

Origin of the wreaths as traditions before the death of a loved one in different countries.

We currently have techniques to preserve the bodies of the deceased at the time of the wake, however, formerly there was no such conditioning, that is why the flowers were used to disguise the bad smell that gave off the bodies of the deceased.

In the case of tradition Christian floral arrangements have a circular shape. This is because, symbolically, a circle has neither beginning nor end. In the same way, it is related to the tradition that one is born, lives, dies and is resurrected. The most used flowers for the elaboration of the crowns are the roses, carnations and lilies accompanied by green leaves, representing the eternal rest.

Traditions before the death of a loved one like these have evolved remarkably. The wreaths are sent independently of religious beliefs, to the relatives of the deceased. It is intended to convey respect for the deceased and his family at the time of his death. They can also be used on other representative days to commemorate our deceased like November 1, All Saints’ Day.

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