Insurance contract law and free choice of funeral company in Málaga

Ley de contrato de seguro y libre elección de empresa funeraria en Málaga

The law of the secure contract covers the free election of a funeral home by the relatives of the deceased.

Legal transparency regarding issues of utmost importance are essential issues in our work and management policy as a funeral home in Malaga.

The Deceased Insurance finds its legal framework in Law 50/1980 of October 8, Insurance Contract Law. This Funeral Services Law Project regulates fundamental aspects to be considered by Francisco Camero S.L as one of the oldest funerary in Málaga.

The most significant legal rights covered by this law are:

  1. Users have the right of free choice of funeral service provider, which entails a free choice of funeral services that best suit the needs of consumers.
  2. Supervision of Private Insurance guarantees freedom of choice of funeral services. This action is made available to the user through the insurance company once the death insurance is contracted.
  3. The Law of Unfair Competition regulates practices that restrict the freedom of choice of the funeral service provider or that condition, in some way, the services.

In some cases it is possible that the contract with the insurer establishes a provider of funeral services in a specific way.

The Court for the Defense of Competition in the matter of abuses and positions of dominion is in charge of regulating all The rights that exist in the funeral sector, protecting the freedom of choice of the funeral services that best suit the needs of the consumer.

In short, the insurance company must provide a list of adequate funeral service providers that guarantee an effective and free election of the same, all this governed by the law of Unfair Competition.

In Camero SL we work with different insurers that guarantee the adequate advice to the needs of the user. You can contact our company through our telephone 952448171, or through our email

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