How to make a funeral repatriation to another country from Málaga

At Francisco Camero Funeral Home we have extensive experience and agreements that make funeral repatriation to another country take place in less than 24 hours.

In this blog entry we want to resolve some questions about the international transfers of deceased and the necessary documentation to contribute.

Inscription of the death in the Consular Civil Registry

The legal or family representatives of the deceased should go to the Consulate to the person in charge of the funeral transfer in Malaga to perform the registration of the death in the Consular Civil Registry. The necessary data to provide are:

  • Personal data of the deceased: name, surnames, Marital status, nationality, date and place of birth, ID, last address, birth registration data and finally, name of the deceased’s parents.
  • Data of death: day, time and place.

In addition, we have a fantastic relationship with foreign insurance companies. This helps to reduce the cost of transferring the deceased to their country of origin.

Authorization of departure of the deceased from Spain

The necessary documentation to be provided at the Consulate of their country of origin by the relatives or legal representatives of the deceased are:

  • Personal data of the deceased: name, last name, passport and domicile of the deceased.
  • Data referring to the moment of death: date, place and cause.
  • Data referring to transportation: country of destination, transportation necessary for the transfer of the deceased and border through which it will be verified the exit of the body of Spain.
  • Certificates: medical certificates of death and certificates of the procedure of embalming.
  • Document relating to the registration of the death in the Consular Civil Registry of Spain, which is in the previous point.

All the process of Funeral repatriation is carried out from our facilities in the Benalmádena National Cemetery, until the transfer of the died at the airport. Our team of professionals will be available to solve all your doubts through our telephone 952 44 81 71. We want to make the process as easy as possible.

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